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The Elephant's Nest II

BROTHERLY MATTERS - The Elephant's Nest II by Michael Knell


ISBN: 9781926635378

People have read the book and seen the film, but this is Seathorpe twelve years on.
Can anyone cope?


BROTHERLY MATTERS - it's all about brothers.
Oh, brother! Do we have some brothers!
Religious brothers who run a boys' school - say no more!
The reformed Phil has a brother - Er, he's called Doris?
Gang boss Jerry Cox had a brother, but whatever happened to him?
Tom and Randy, neither had a brother, but could they have made one?
How do you make a brother?
Where did David come from? You wouldn't dare cross him!
And then there's Toni - she looks like a nice girl. But what's her problem?

In this stand-alone story, there's big trouble again at
The Elephant’s Nest when a gang of thugs hit Seathorpe.


The Elephant's Nest II - BROTHERLY MATTERS - don't miss it!
This is a stand-alone story, it may be fully enjoyed even if you haven't read the original.



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